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The First Light

For most children, bedtime horror stories are just that – stories. Not so, for Usha!

Every night, as the last lullaby is sung and the last light gives way unto darkness, you watch monsters crawl through the shadows, as they silently slither ever closer. Tonight, you decide to take a stand!  On this 14th day of the lunar cycle, as the moonlight ripples through the starry night and into your room, you have arrived on the battlefield.

You are Usha - and you defend your castle against the invaders from the Lands of Forever Darkness.

Harmless toys on this side, morph into terrifying monsters in the shadows. Simple gestures from your little hands, become powerful weapons to the fight enemy.      

This is... The Other Side of the Coin.

This game is best experienced as an Oculus Rift VR Experience using Touch controllers.

Controls (Oculus Touch Controllers):

  1. Finger guns - Press the grip button to make a gun. Press trigger to fire.
  2. Sauce Pan -Press trigger, grip and B/Y button simultaneously to make a sauce pan. Deflect bullets and smash enemies using this mechanic

Adarsh Muthappa
Karthik Bharadhwaj
Soumya Ranjan Sahoo
Sahil Singh
Pradyumna Panikker

Install instructions

Requires Oculus Rift Software to run.


FirstLight.zip 657 MB


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VICTORY! So I managed  to beat the dragon. Really nice idea for the theme too! I also made a VR game for this jam, if you wanna take it to a spin :) 

Thank you!
I played your game as well. You did a really great job with it! :)

(1 edit)

Just gave it a whirl, 2d combat in vr is a really interesting mechanic. 

Great game guys.

Thank you!

Looks great! Love the idea, a really interesting take on the theme. 

Thank you so much! We enjoyed making it!